Saturday, August 8, 2009

With the economy as it is on blogger on 090809

With the economy as it is, maybe you have thought about growing your own food, including putting in your own fruit trees. Growing your own fruit is fun, but there are a few things to know about the process. 
First, you need to decide what type of fruit you want. To get your tree to pollinate may require planting two fruit trees, ideally fifteen to twenty feet of each other. The two fruit trees do not need to be the same. For example you can plant Macintosh apples and Galas.

Recently, I was sitting in my dentist's office, thumbing through Us magazine. (I would never admit to actually paying for such fluff, but that kind of brain candy can be rather entertaining). (Plus, while waiting to see the dentist, it's the best kind of candy to indulge in).

Anyway, there was a spread of pages featuring various Hollywood brides-to-be. Each of them provided tidbits about her ideal wedding and wonderful (generally famous) fiancé. Alongside the red-carpet picture of each starlet was a designer's sketch of the perfect wedding gown for her.

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