Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ever spend little of what you deserve as a blogger on 020809

Did you ever spend little of your time summing up all the money you spent watching a single movie in theaters without even fully understanding it because of noise from other moviegoers? Definitely, spending your weekend at home and watching your favorite movie with your family is a great deal for hard workers like you. You deserve to be lying comfortably in your most loved couch while viewing good motion pictures. Try to Download Harry Potter 6 Movie and have a great moment at very low expense. Want to know how!

Unknown to many Americans, and scoffed by many who do, a growing Texas secessionist movement is causing a stir in the media after Governor Perry used the "S" word. Dismissed because of certain assumptions, such as that the Texas independence movement is a recent phenomenon, precipitated by Obama's election, or that it's a "right-wing, racist, red state, or reactionary movement."

Vinegar foot baths - they say that soaking your feet in vinegar for a period of 2 weeks can cure nail fungus. From my personal experience, vinegar just doesn't have enough power to get down to the root of the infection.

Listerine Nail Fungus Remedy - I have also heard people saying Listerine footbaths can cure toenail fungus. I have tried it once and it does work...maybe a little better than the vinegar. However, like the vinegar, it didn't have enough umph to get down to the root of the cause. It did clear up surface level nail fungus though.

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