Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Portraits are a way to capture on blogger on 130809

Portraits are a way to capture a moment in a families life together. It only takes a moment to press the shutter but when deciding were to have your family's portraits taken can take a bit longer. Here are the to four places that most families will have their photos taken.

The first place most people think of when look to have a family portrait taken is a big department store such as Sears or Walmart.

Two birthdays ago my partner sent me a gift in the mail. I expected something food related, because my wife and I enjoy dining out, but instead I received a hair iron.

You might imagine that an odd gift. But I own three salons, so I guess it made sense. My partner is responsible for the product line that we carry, and I handle the stylists. I know how many free products he gets because our salons do well, so I didn't think much of the product at first. In fact, I gave it to my daughter.

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