Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lenmar's universal usb Forex Decimator on blogger 20 Aug 09

Lenmar's universal usb Forex Decimator charging station for cell phones and iPods received CES 2009 Innovations Design & Engineering Award.

Increasing mobile devices offered charging is a second nature. Depending on features and usage devices need to be constantly charged. Manufactures decide on Forex Decimator charge cables including mini-usb, micro-usb, or they create their own like Apple and Samsung. With many different charge cables offered this can be overwhelming and create chaos for storing, searching, and finding an open outlet.

Android Forex Decimator is trying to take over the world, and its new home is the beautiful HTC Hero. Forex Decimator has all the good stuff that made the first Android phone (the G1) good, but puts it all in a touchscreen-only body, which is both sleek and sexy. Since the keyboard has been removed, the HTC Hero also has a full, onscreen keyboard, and a sumptuous new interface called Sense. You also get the Android Marketplace, which lets you download Forex Decimator and install third party apps to your HTC Hero, and it ends up creating a smartphone that really can morph into whatever you want it to be. It really is a kind of Hero; it's the HTC Hero.

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