Friday, August 7, 2009

There are many theories on how long on blogger on 070809

There are many theories on how long or short a domain name should be. Some experts say that your domain name should be the name of your site, short so people can remember and spend less time typing it into their browser. This also minimizes the possibility of making mistakes when typing it in. I agree with all of this, but for me it is not set in stone. You can have longer domain names that people can remember without jeopardizing your search results in the major search engines and worst yet, sending visitors to another site.

Sensible healthy tip #1: Start by cutting your portions in half. Your stomach is after all, only about the size of your fist. Whenever you eat more than that, you are doing unkind things to your waist line. The more we eat, the more we gain weight. The less we eat, the less we gain. In fact, it stands to reason that if we reduce the amount of food we eat by half should in and of itself start us down the path of weight loss.

Every year, more than 1.4 million drivers are arrested for driving under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol. * The NHTSA said alcohol-related accidents cost the US nearly $51 billion every year. * In 2005 survey, nearly three out of four teenage drivers who died in DUI accidents were not wearing seatbelts. * In 2005 teen drunk driving statistics, three out of ten teenagers admitted to ride in a vehicle with a drunk driver within the previous months.

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