Saturday, August 1, 2009

A phrase I wish for to come thru as blogger on 010809

As Oteo pointed out in the comments of last week's column, we are's Agony Aunts. I actually only heard that phrase for the first time recently on a rerun of Cold Case, and I must admit that I almost wish we had named our column Agony Aunts instead of Drama Mamas... almost.

The founder, Giovanni Panerai opened the family business many centuries ago. His first shop was in Florence. The Panerai watch brand became famous for it's large size and strong personality. The watch emphasizes a history of value. The watches design is matched by no other.

There are various models available, and depending upon the needs of the customer, everyone can make a unique choice. For airport transportation it makes no sense to use the Hummer H1, but it could be your best bet for those long trips where you need to cover good distance. Furthermore, you've have the luxury of enjoying flat screen televisions, multi-color fiber optic lighting, DVD players, strobe lights, and even a bar inside these LA limos.

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