Tuesday, July 14, 2009

teaching & london for 150709

Cut a large sea-trout in pieces and simmer until done in salted and acidulated boiling water to which a large sliced onion has been added. Drain and keep warm.


Cook together two tablespoonfuls each of butter and flour and add enough of the liquid drained from the fish to make a thick sauce.


Once your account is open, create a new blog using your chosen key phrase as you Blogger sub-domain. Select a template to use.


Set the Blog title to be exactly the same as your key phrase. Create a description that contains your key phrase in it at least once.

Find affiliate programs for high-quality products in your niche. Create affiliate links for these products and insert them into your sidebar on the template where it says "Links".


The real key is Work. Yes work, it's hardly glamorous and yet it's the mainstay of a sharp mind. You need to constantly give your mind the work it needs to stay "in shape".


Just like a retired body builder loses muscle mass after he gives up the competitive sport, a mind that stops being used will slowly retire.

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