Saturday, July 18, 2009

mostly about projectos and macworld even at 180709

We worry that this is intrusive, but some of us are willing to make concessions on our principles and the invasion into our privacy in the name of preventing crimes. To do this, we'd like to know the evidence on whether this database is helpful, to help us make an informed decision.

To the gentlemen, I twinkle: "Can I get you anything? Coffee? Cigar? The one on Italian Big Brother 5 who did it in the Jacuzzi? Or I got a couple of pretend lesbians, including one with a darker suntan even than yours, Barack ..."

Over the past two years, as the war in Afghanistan has become bloodier, the number of people turning out to mark the passing of the hearses with a few moments of silence had steadily increased. But nobody was ready for the number of reporters, television crews and photographers who descended on the town this time

The Home Office has assembled some evidence. It is not good quality. In fact, this study from the Jill Dando Institute, attached to their consultation paper as an appendix, is possibly the most unclear and poorly presented piece of research I have ever seen in a professional environment. Or am I having a bad day? Join me in my struggle to understand their work

South Africa's official marketing website pronounces confidently: "It's the birthday of the world's favourite person." Such is his global appeal that New York is hosting a fundraising concert at Radio City Music Hall with performances by Stevie Wonder,

he Mandela legacy has also provoked some unseemly controversies. His grandson, Mandla Mandela, is considering suing newspapers over reports that he tried to sell the TV rights to Mandela's funeral for £230,000.

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