Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Automated results is 100% and you can the results on 220709

Forex humanoid are not holding anything back on their robot. They are providing live trading results from their forex account that they are using the forex humanoid on.

But i would not get too excited about this as no forex robot or trading method is 100%.

However, unlike other forex trading robots, this has built in money management rules which will minimize your losses on any bad trade that is made, so you will not see all your other winning trades go down the toilet.

In these results, you can see that this trading robot has turned a $10,000 account into over $100,000. In addition, it appears it has 100% win rate.

This is what makes the forex humanoid expert advisor stand out from the rest. A lot of other expert advisors don't put in money management rules and thus you may find the robot to be working just fine until it makes one bad trade and wipes out your entire account balance. Is reasonably priced in comparison to other forex robots on the market today.

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