Thursday, July 16, 2009

onsug and supern blogger for 170709

Throughout the years Gout has been coined "The Disease of Kings", mainly because of high alcohol and fatty food consumption. Over 3/4 of gout sufferers get the symptom in their big toe.

At this point he will lay on the charm. A narcissist knows when to charm and is sure to remind you that he understands you like no one else can or ever will.

However, eight-millimeter film was not meant to last forever. As time passes, the limitations of eight millimeter film become increasingly apparent. Each time you watch one of your precious home movies.

When I did take any real steps at ending either relationship, if verbally abusive behavior did not work to force me into submission, the false self would be the next weapon of defense in their artillery.

By telling you he loves you despite your flaws, he hopes you will grow dependent on him. This is a narcissist's way to ensure you will never leave him. It is narcissistic manipulation at its finest.

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