Friday, September 11, 2009

For the beginner, the step-by-step procedure of the instructor

For the beginner, the step-by-step procedure of the instructor must have to follow. You can do anything unless your instructor told you to do so.

How could we change the approach? The slow practice can turn off the excitement of the learner to learn. We always set out to create music, and end up sitting around doing more practice than anything. To solve this problem, we had to emphasize to every learner that music is brought to life through dynamic and they don't come about without careful practice.

We need to change the rule "practice slowly" to "practice quickly" if we need to learn piano fast. However, keep in mind the advantages take in those slow practices. Through it, our fingers learn where to go and make our playing much easier.

We still have to practice somewhat slowly until you learn the correct notes and fingerings. Then, you need to practice as quickly as you can in order to decrease you chances of losing control. What you'll need to do is, take only a short part of the piece, and practice it slowly. Once you're feeling comfortable with it, try to increase the tempo at each setting until you get the hang of it.

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