Thursday, September 10, 2009

ASAT Camo is probably the most well know of the camouflage

ASAT Camo is probably the most well know of the camouflage companies listed here. They have everything from clothing to scents to their Quickie Blind concealment gear. ASAT Outdoors believes in their products so much that they have a money back guarantee. Products like their camo first lite wool and their AG Vaportech nano Silver Clothing line, this company is definitely serious about hunting. If you have other camo clothing that needs to be protected, ASAT also has a Lotus Nano spray to help seal and protect your precious camouflage. For the ladies, they have pink camo series and for the kids, youth sizes. Lastly, ASAT camo makes a line of time released granular scents. If you're serious about effective hunting, ASAT Camo will get you more game - guaranteed!

Another popular camo clothing company is Realtree Camo. Realtree is big company which makes everything in camouflage and sponsors huge events along with having their own TV shows. In the clothing and camo patterns department, they make several different effective patterns - Realtree Advantage patterns include: AP, APG, APS, Max-1 HD, and Max-4 HD. Realtree Advantage Classic patterns include: Classic, Hardwood Snow, Wetlands camo, Timber HD, Hardwoods Blaze, hardwoods HD, Hardwoods Green HD. That's ALOT of patterns. Basically, Realtree has developed a camouflage pattern for every possible terrain and foliage situation a hunter could be in. They didn't stop with camo clothing and have taken their brand to accessories like wrap, tape, ve

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